Bandall Webinar focuses on sustainable and damage-free bundling during virtual.drupa 2021- 22 April at 16:00 o’clock

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Bandall Webinar focuses on sustainable and damage-free bundling during virtual.drupa 2021- 22 April at 16:00 o’clock

The final step for perfect bundles; flawless, thus without damaged corners or edges.
Bandall will be presenting a webinar called “Finished?, Not without Bandall!” during virtual.drupa.

CEO Bram van Roosmalen will use various examples to explain the advantages of banding in the post press finishing industry. Discover how you can use Bandall bundling machines – both standalone and automatic – for damage-free bundling, while also reducing packaging materials.
Focus on bundling In-mould labels, deluxe cartons and post press finishing
In-mould labels (IML) are extremely thin and fragile, and require a special bundling method. But cartons can also be fragile. For instance, boxes used in the Health & Beauty industry, which often feature delicate finishes and printed decoration. During the webinar, Bandall will zoom in on various ingenious bundling techniques, like the Bandall TRB with ‘Kissing Conveyor’, where the input conveyor moves along the banding arc (so it ‘kisses’ the output conveyor) and helps to ensure a steady and perfect bundling result.
The advantages of Bandall bundling machines in Graphics Industry:
– Perfect damage-free bundles
– Economic and environmentally friendly thanks to a very thin and recyclable banding materials (paper or foil).
– Highest up-time, and utmost reliable
– Fast bundling with swift infeed and outfeed
– Machines available for very large formats, while retaining quality and efficiency
– Countless modular and automatic configurations possible
– Ideal for products with irregular shapes and luxury materials
– Lowest cost of ownership due to low maintenance costs and high energy efficiency
– Very user-friendly machines

Visit our webinar:
Finished? Not without Bandall bundling machines!
The webinar explains the importance of the final step in your production line, namely banding. By this point, all your production costs have been invested in energy, time and materials. So they cannot be wasted. See how our machines can be used to bundle and band your products without causing damage (corner protection). You can use the live chat feature to ask questions during the webinar.
Date and time: 22 April at 16:00 o’clock
Duration: 30 minutes
Register here:

We look forward to meeting you online on 22 April.


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