“LEAN” into Tomorrow, TODAY! Part 2

“LEAN” into Tomorrow, TODAY!
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“LEAN” into Tomorrow, TODAY! Part 2

“Only once a purpose is defined and agreed to can Lean Thinking penetrate the business?”

The Lean Thinking System.
In our series of blog posts, we will be introducing the “system” of Lean Thinking and how it can apply with great success to any business whether manufacturing, service or IT related.

A “system” is a set of things – people, cells, molecules, or whatever – that are interconnected in such a way that they create their very own pattern of behaviour. If this system does not have a purpose – a North Star or a well stated direction, that behaviour may well be inappropriate for the owner of that system.

Within the ambit of Lean, the purpose is the “standard” or “future condition” as opposed to the “current condition”. The “current condition” – is a deep understanding of where the organisation is now, relative to its purpose: The “future condition”, is what must be done to get there.

Getting there means daily improvements in breaking down and eliminating obstacles through experimentation to continually make positive adjustments towards the end goal.
Only once a purpose is defined and agreed to can Lean Thinking penetrate the business.

A common approach to “fix” a company is to change its elements. Changing the elements has the most underwhelming effect on a “system” where a change in relationship amongst those elements has the larger effect, but the most profound effect is the creation of purpose. This refers to the age old question – “why are we doing what we are doing?” – Purpose.

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