“LEAN” into Tomorrow, TODAY!

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“LEAN” into Tomorrow, TODAY! Part 2
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“LEAN” into Tomorrow, TODAY!

Learn more about Lean Management in CSM’s upcoming, captivating blog.

The term Lean management has been around for almost 3 decades now, and to this day, Lean Management remains one of the biggest buzzwords in the manufacturing industry. Every company wants to be “Lean”; more efficient, more productive, reduce waste…
And the list goes on…

CSM have decided that it is time to share the most important thing… Knowledge!
We will do this by starting a “Lean” Blog on our website, with information and useful hints and tips on Lean Management and we look forward to receiving input, opinions, shared ideas and knowledge.

Like Ken Blanchard once stated; “None of us is as smart as all of us”.
And Mr. Blanchard was right! In order for this blog to be a success, we will need each and every one of you, our valued partners and friends, to join in on the conversation and knowledge sharing.

As we LEAN into the new tomorrow, somehow there has to be an understanding that, to survive, we all need to embrace “less will be ordered more often. To achieve our profitability, targets and goals we need to use less today than we used yesterday – we will be judged”.

The LEAN practitioners have a very important role in helping all of us move into the new tomorrow and embrace the opportunities that are there in front of us waiting to be grasped.

Without doing the exact opposite of a LEAN program, we will not waffle on.
The time has come to stand up, be counted and share/offer/advocate the LEAN opportunities that exist.

The meanest, leanest blogger of all
– Del

Follow us for more and Join CSM in being a part of yours and our LEAN BLOG!


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